Actor Mark Ruffalo Calls Out Monsanto: “You Are Poisoning People”

In a chance encounter with Monsanto’s CEO, actor Mark Ruffalo told Hugh Grant what many people are thinking: That the biotech company is responsible for a lot of pain and suffering in this world.

It’s not every day you meet the head of Monsanto, which is why actor Mark Ruffalo knew he needed to take advantage of the opportunity and speak out for millions when he addressed the company’s CEO, Hugh Grant.

Before a segment for the movie Spotlight with Mike Rezendez, Ruffalo was in the green room watching Grant on screen giving “slippery non-answer[s] to every question he was asked.”

Ruffalo wrote that he was disgusted watching the “guy who is responsible for so much misery and sickness throughout the world slime his way through his interview.” Which is why when Grant came through the green room, he simply told him this: “You are wrong. You are engaged in monopolizing food. You are poisoning people. You are killing small farms. You are killing bees. What you are doing is dead wrong.” Likely taken a bit aback, Grant responded: “Well, what I think we are doing is good.”

Of course he did. And then the exchange was over.

But not before Mark had the opportunity to contemplate the evil of Monsanto and outline the written piece he would soon share with EcoWatch.

The informed activist knows that when people get paid the kind of money Grant gets paid, their thinking becomes incredibly clouded and the first thing to go is their morality. It’s sad, but it’s time the public is made aware of how toxic greed can be to innate humble nature.

“Hugh, it’s not your messaging that makes you and your company horrible. It’s the horrible stuff you guys do that makes you and your company horrible. People don’t walk around making horrible stories up about good companies because they got nothing else better to do with their time. People like you and your company are horrible because … you are horrible. No matter how much jumping around you do on morning shows (where no one can really nail you down for the horrible stuff you do), you will still always be horrible and people will always greet you the way I did, when you go around trying to cover up the fact that you are horrible,” wrote Ruffalo.

The actor backed up these claims with facts in his lengthy article to raise awareness about the wrong doings of the biotech company. You can read more here.


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