The oil that removes uric acid from the blood, treats anxiety and stops alcohol and cigarette cravings

Spices have been used for centuries mostly to treat various health conditions.

Some of the most popular spices nowadays include cayenne pepper, turmeric and ginger.

But, black pepper is very special, too as it can be used to treat various conditions in numerous ways.

It is abundant in health benefits. It was used since ancient times when people traded with it and exchanged it as currency.

Black pepper oil can help you more and here, we’re going to present you some of its most important benefits!

Black Pepper Essential Oil benefits:

Its variety of health properties includes diuretic, laxative, febrifuge, rubefacient, carminative, antioxidant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, expectorant, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, antiseptic etc.

  • It soothes the stomach: black pepper is known to be able to trigger hydrochloric acid secretion in the gut. That will help you treat constipation, colic and diarrhea. It will also boost your sweating activity, help you have a healthy urination and reduce the appearance of gas. You’ll be free of toxins in no time!
  • Stimulates weight loss: black pepper is able to dissolve the fat cells easily. It later disposes of them quickly and you lose weight much faster.
  • Skin health: this amazing oil can help you against prevent vitiligo which is a depigmentation disease that creates white skin patches.
  • Improves breathing: this oil will help you improve the performance of your airways performance, but it will also help you against sinusitis and nasal congestion. It helps you remove phlegm and nasal mucus from your lungs.
  • Kills off bacteria: black pepper can help you reduce the inflammation that appears from insect bites. It also decreases the expansion of arteries and cleanses them from any toxin.
  • Antioxidant properties: black pepper contain plenty of compounds which prevent the spreading of free radicals, so your body will be safe of any health problem as well as the most dangerous ones like cardiovascular irregularities, cancer and liver damage.
  • Neurological health: the active substance found in black pepper is called piperine. It helps us prevent brain damage and keeps the capacity of our memory to the fullest.

Black pepper oil is mostly recommended to be used through oral consumption, inhalation, external application etc.

Oral consumption

We mostly use black pepper in the kitchen, to enrich the flavor of numerous meals. It enriches our body with sesquiterpenes, a powerful antioxidant that improves our processes of sweating and urination. We remove all of the toxins with their help. 

Black pepper oil also stimulates the secretion of bile which will help us improve the digestion process.

Aromatically/ Inhalation

The inhalation of black pepper oil will calm our body and help us relax. It’s best when it’s combined with juniper or lavender oil. It will offer more effects. Smokers will especially find it beneficial. 

Topical application

If you combine it with any carrier oil, black pepper oil will help you prevent cramps and soothe your muscles. Your body will receive all of the antioxidant qualities and the harmful auric acid will be removed from our organism.

The external application of black pepper oil can help you against rheumatism, gout and arthritis.