Tighten and Tone the Arms with These 6 Quick Exercises

Regardless of whether it’s Arm Day or Everything Day, these arm exercises are a quick workout which can tighten and tone the arms. Therefore, they’re a definite must for your daily workout routine. As summer is right around the corner, you should tone the arms and prepare them for tank tops and bathing suits, right?

Arm Exercises

Pushups- 10 repetitions

Take the standard push-up position and keep the hands under the shoulders and focus the energy on the chest. Then, place the knees on the mat in order to remove some of the pressure from the upper body. Make sure you maintain the core strong and don’t sway the lower back.

Shoulder Twist- 15 repetitions with 5 to 8 pound weights

Stand on the right foot for some extra core and hold dumbbells in each hand and then, with the hands facing the shoulders, bend the elbows, twist and straighten the hands, and then face them out. Balancing on one leg engages the core to a maximum.

Lateral Raise with Balance- 12 repetitions with 5 pound weights

Stand on the left foot with the arms by the sides of the body and lift them to come to a T position. Next, raise the arms, but no higher than the shoulders.

Reverse Flies- 15 repetitions with 8-pound weights

Stand on two feet and take a dumbbell in each hand and then bend forward at the hips. The arms need to hang straight down. Next, spread the chest, focus out, and arch the lower back slightly. Make sure to maintain a slight bend in the knees while doing the exercise.

Bicep Curls Up Against the Wall

Stand on your two feet and keep the back flat against the wall to remove any swing in the arms that increases the challenge. Bend the knees.

Tricep Dips- 20 repetitions

Place the hands shoulder-width apart on a secured bench and keep the energy in the heels while the fingertips are pointed toward the glutes. Slide the buttocks off the front of the bench and extend the leg out in front of you. The arms needs to be straightened and make sure the elbows are a bit bent. Keep a tension on the triceps and off the elbow joints. Next, slowly bend the elbows and lower the body toward the floor until the elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Press into the bench, straighten the elbows, and go back to primary position.